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Call Hamburger-Kartonagen and talk about your needs and you'll quickly appreciate that the people on the other end of the phone really understand the packaging business and promise a first class service.

We also recognise that to stay ahead you have to invest in the future.

We are constantly working to innovate and refresh your packaging requirements to meet changing needs and trends; with our many years of experience. We develop creative packaging solutions for you according to your requirements and briefings in our own Packaging Development department.

With a flexible, fast response, you can receive various alternate white samples tailored to the current requirements.

Our sophisticated CAD facilities enable us to design and produce samples, while our machinery will turn around short and long carton runs quickly and economically.

Continuous investment in equipment gives us the perfect base to meet our clients' diverse demands: from design through to delivery. We take over the storage in call orders and so we are able to deliver thus within 48 hours in Western Europe truck manner or also in containers.

Amongst our customers are many blue chip businesses as well as a host of SMEs and small, local companies.

Our flexible approach, quality output and competitive pricing policy means we can satisfy requirements from across the manufacturing spectrum.

We like to grow with you

We should do it - it's what we've been doing for many years now.



De "Hamburger Kartonagen" mokt de Pappkartons op de negeste Oort.

Wi frogt unse Kunnen, dat sünd ton Bispeel Nestle, Unilever, ok en Barg mer, wo se de hebben wullt.

Wiel wi tohop geiht mit unse Kunnen könnt wi ut dat, wat se uns segt, wat richtig godes moken.

Wat wi weet vun dat Inpacken vun Köhle, ok Ismoker möögt de Lüd vun de Industrie sünnerlich gern.

Vun Pinneberg ut schickt wi unse Soken no överall in Düütschland, Westdeel vun Europa ok Dänemark.

Med unsen CAD-System mokt wi Er Pappkartons as Ji de hebben wullt.

Med son Plotter könt wi faststelln op dat ok geiht.

So könnt ji wiss wen, dat ji jümmers dat kriecht wat ji seen höpt.

Stanzen ok klistern könt wi so grot as 102 x 142 cm ok Wellpapp mach so stark wen as 2.000 g/m2 ok 4 mm.

För den Druck könt Se utsöken mang 4 Farven in Flexodruck ok 5 Kloer in Offsetdruck. Wi hebt ok no DIN ISO 9001 en Betüüg, dat wi för aktuelle Qualitätssicherung good steiht.